Toned Winter: The Basics

September 7, 2016


Toned Winter: Medium value winter colours 


80%Winter & 20%Autumn (Cool/warm)


Undertone: Cool

Value: Dark

Chroma: Soft


Best Colours: Soft and muted in medium to deep intensity mixed in deep grey. Deep grey, burgundy, aubergine, navy, deep dusky red, pine and spruce.


Contrast: Medium to high


Skin: Ivory and medium beige.


Hair: Auburn, medium to deep brown, dark blonde, black.


Eyes: soft teal, soft hazel, grey-green, grey-blue or soft brown.


Top Tips for Toned Winter:

  • If you are a darker skinned toned winter you can often be mistaken for a warm toned person, but if orange makes you look a little pumkinish you are definitely a cool;

  • You can wear some of the autumn colours, but the cool winter colours will still look better on you;

  • You can get away with more variation in your hair, but remember to keep medium to high contrast in skin hair and eyes.

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