Tinted Winter: The Basics

August 28, 2016



Tined Winter: Lightest value winter colours  


80%Winter & 20%Summer (Cool/cool)


Undertone: Cool

Value: Dark

Chroma: Clear


Best Colours: Cool bright colours with a blue undertone. The whitest colours with just a hint of pink, blue, grey, or green.


Contrast: Medium to high


Skin: Ivory, natural, cool beige and medium beige.


Hair: Medium to dark brown, cool brown or black.


Eyes: medium blue, blue-grey or hazel.


Top Tips for Tinted Winter:

  • You are a cool/cool so make sure you go for a bright white, anything with yellow in it will make you look unwell;

  • You can wear the pastels of summer as well as the rich jewel colours of the winter palette, lucky you;

  • Make sure you maintain a high level of contrast between your skin and hair.

Not sure about your season. Book a Colour Analysis today.


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