Shaded Summer: The Basics

August 9, 2016


Shaded Summer: Deepest value summer colours with a touch of deep grey added to them.


80%Summer & 20% Autumn (cool/warm)


Undertone: Cool

Value: Deep

Chroma: Soft


Best Colours: Soft and muted in light to medium intensity mixed in deep grey. Deep grey, burgundy, aubergine, navy, deep dusty red, pine and spruce. 


Contrast: Medium


Skin: Ivory to medium beige (often with a pick undertone).


Hair:  Cool to natural blonde or medium brown. 


Eyes: Soft teal, soft hazel, grey-green, grey-blue, soft brown.


Top Tips for Shaded Summer:

  • Your colours are the softest (most muted) of the summer season, you may be attracted to muted autumn colours but the muted summer colours will look for better.

  • If you want to use fake tan make sure it has a cool undertone, and not too dark, otherwise you will end up looking like an oompa loompa.

  • Ash blonds and ash browns go brassy very quickly unless you shower in rain water, so get a toner put in regularly or try a purple shampoo. 

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