• Jana Keane

Ready Your Wonder Women Suit

I am a bit of a Marvel's fan, and am super excited to see the new Wonder Women movie. Throw your feminist hands in the air, we finally have a super heroine block buster movie.

All our beloved super hero's have special, unique and iconic suits in which they do their super work, they all also (except for Iron Man) have an alter ego suit. Usually ill fitting boring clothes worn with dorky glasses.

One of the things that frustrated me most as a kid (and still does) was that no one recognised Superman as Clark Kent. Louise Lane was infatuated with Superman, yet the same man, same face, and body, became invisible to her in the wrong suit. Clark Kent didn't lose his powers when he took the super suit off.

The only difference between Clark Kent and Superman was a good image consultant and PR Team.

How many of us are also hiding in an ill fitting suit with a pair of dorky glasses. Now don't get uptight, I'm Not knocking glasses, the right pair of glasses for your face and style, can be a very sexy thing. What I am highlighting here is the hiding part.

When you get dressed in the morning do you put on your super suit, that makes you feel powerful, that tells the world, I am here and I have something to contribute, or... do you throw on your ill fitting 'it will do' outfit, in which you can sneak invisible into the room in.

If your the latter maybe it's time to re-assess you own worth, and let the world see the true Wonder Women you have been hiding.




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