• Jana Keane

Balancing Yin & Yang in Your Appearance

Your natural features, colouring, bodyshape and bone structure have either yin or yang qualities. We are all a mixture of yin and yang, but generally one is dominant.

Why is this important? Well, as in all things, finding the right balance is key.

If you have a yang dominant appearance you might benefit from softening your look slightly to seem more friendly and approachable, particularly if you are single and looking for a new partner.

If your look is prodominently yin you may benefit from strengthening your look slighting, to appear more steadfast and reliable, particularly if you want to be considered for a promotion.

Yin features include:

Full lips;

Large wide set round eyes;

Gap in teeth;

Curly hair;

Softer features;

Lighter colouring (fair skin, light hair, light eyes);

Lower contrast;

Yin body shape is more petite and curvy.

Yin colours are lighter and softer.

Yin details include: florals or curvy patterns, lace, ribbons, frills.

Yin fabrics are softer and drape.

Yang features include:

Smaller closer set eyes;

Thinner lips;

High cheekbones;

Wider or more defined jaw line;

Straight hair;

Darker or higher contrast colouring (fair skin with dark hair and eyes).

Yang body shape is broader or more angular.

Yang colours are darker and more saturated.

Yang details include: abstract angular patterns, straight lines, structured tailoring.

Yang fabrics are stiff and more textured.

It is important not to go too far. I'm am not suggesting that as a yang dominant you should drape your broad shoulders and more angular body in a frilly pink satin dress with bows on your shoes, you would neither look or feel good, but you could benefit from putting a wave in your hair and wearing it down to frame and soften your strong facial features, you could opt for a slightly draped silk blouse, and a skirt suit over a pants suit, and throw on a feminine heel every now and then.

Alternatively if you are yin dominant, to strengthen your look and command more respect in your workplace, keep your makeup more neutral and try a darker lip, wear a tailored suit (it doesn't have to be black) and go easy on the accessories and details in the workplace.

Are you yin or yang dominant?

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