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Pure Summer The Basics

Pure Summer: The most saturated of the summer colours.

Colour Analysis in the 4x4 Universal System.

I get a lot of blank stares when I describe what I do, particularly in respect to colour analysis. So for those of you who have never heard of the 4x4 Universal Colour System, I have decided to blog, season by season just on the basics, to hopefully help you understand what season you might belong to based on your skin, hair and eye combination. Starting with Pure Summer.

Pure Summer: The most saturated of the summer colours.

80%Summer & 20%Winter (Cool/cool)

Undertone: Cool

Value: Light

Chroma: Soft

Best Colours: Soft medium intensity colours with blue undertone. Pastels and soft shades of pink, blues, mauves and greens.

Contrast: Medium

Skin: Ivory to medium beige (often with a pink undertone)

Hair: Ash to deep blonde, medium ash brown, medium brown, soft white, silver grey.

Eyes: light grey-green, light violet, light blue, grey blue.

Top Tips for Pure Summer:

  • Your season is cool/cool so avoid warm colours like the plague.

  • If you want to use fake tan make sure it has a cool undertone, and not too dark, otherwise you will end up looking like an oompa loompa.

  • Ash blondes and ash browns go brassy very quickly unless you shower in rain water, so get a toner put in regularly or try a purple shampoo.

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