• Jana Keane

How to Pack for your Family Holiday

We recently took our little family on a trip to the Gold Coast for my younger brothers wedding.

"Packing for a holiday can be daunting enough without the drama of oversize baggage fees."

I am yet to take a flight where I haven't seen someone having to shell out for excess baggage. Our companions on this fair got stung an extra $50.

We only had one checked baggage allocation plus carry-on and with two littlies to manage as well, I didn't want to be carting more than necessary.

So how do you pack light, while still looking stylish for your trip.

The secret is to:

  • Plan ahead;

  • Select outfits including accessories for each person, each day, and take photographs so you dont forget;

  • Stick to a few basic colours so that your accessories, hats, shoes and jackets work for several outfits;

Another great tip is to plan outfits that can be:

  • Layered up if the weather cools off; and

  • Easily dressed up to go from day to night.

We only packed one pair of shoes and one hat each for both kids, so all of their outfits needed to work with them.

A little extra planning before your trip makes dressing everyone each morning a breeze, and ensures you know what extras to put in your bag for the day and evening out.

What are your packing tips?




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