• Jana Keane

The Gok Factor

With a Daggy Nation hashtag hanging over our heads a national style overhaul is just what the doctor ordered.

Five women from around the nation, of different body shapes and ages were selected to receive styling sessions with Target's Fasion Guru Gok and a new wardrobe and makeover to the value of $20,000. So, does Gok deliver. Judging by the smiles all round and teary eyed relatives I would give a resounding yes. These five women, for different reasons had lost their way style wise. It can happen to the best of us, and all it takes is a little guidance to reveal the best path for you, this is where your fashion stylist or image consultant comes in. Now I love Trinny and Susannah, but they can at times be brutal. Aunty Gok gets the results, but he does it with love. The very likable stylist teaches these women that they can be beautiful, and in only a few days they can see it for themselves. With no dieting, or surgery, only the correct clothing for their body shape including a few line and design techniques, new hairstyle, and makeup, they are suddenly transformed, full of confidence and walking the catwalk in front of hundreds of people.

For me the transformation of their self image and boost in confidence is even more remarkable than the makeovers, which are amazing. It can be hard to open up to a stranger and admit to the negative self talk that so often plagues our lives. If you would like to make a change and need a little help, but you are afraid of what the stylist might say about you, or afraid that they might throw out your favorite dress, don't be. Generally speaking people who become image consultants do so because they want to help people. They want you to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. If you were inspired and would like your own makeover check out our packages at Refine Your Style. If you missed the show you can catch up on Plus 7.

By Jana Keane

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