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Arts & Allurements

“But your arts and allurements may, in a moment of infatuation, have made him forget what he owes to himself and to all his family. You may have drawn him in” Pride & Prejudice

So what exactly are arts and allurements and how do I get some???

We all have our assets. The secret is knowing how to enhance them and how to minimise the things we like least about ourselves.

So where to start.

The first step is knowing yourself, including your best colours, horizontal & vertical body shape, face shape, personality style, and dominant features, be they positive or negative.

Bear in mind that you will always be your own harshest critic, and where our bodies are concerned we often have hang ups that are dependent on ideas, rather than our actual dimensions.

A professional consultant will assess your body without any bias or preconceived ideas.

For instance I always thought I had fat fingers. I hung onto this 'idea' until I went shopping for a wedding ring in my early twenties. On these trips I was told, at each store, that my fingers were too small for any standard size ring and mine would have to be specially made.

So where did this 'idea' come from?

Well, I have a tall, beautiful, and slender cousin with long delicate hands and fingers, who recently referred to my hands as broad.

Light bulb! They are only broad compared to hers.

Also be careful not to let anyone steal your assets.

Growing up I had always been told that I had lovely big eyes. A few year ago a photographer said to me 'you have really big eyes. Can you squint them for the photo'.

As a result I spent the next several years trying to minimise my 'lovely big eyes' with makeup - hiding one of my assets, because of the comments of a stranger.

Remember before she was a famous actress Audrey Hepburn was told that her neck was too long to be a model. She is to this day considered one of the most elegant women to grace the silver screen, thanks in part to that long neck.

Step two is learning your ‘arts’. These include where and how to wear the right colours, makeup techniques for your face shape, hair colour & styling, clothing line & design principles, and how to accessories properly.

If you have previously looked on these 'arts' as a tiresome burden, stop now. In the game of love and war these arts are your arsenal.

Step three is your allurements. Your posture, confidence, smile, voice and the words you use.

Nothing is sexier than a confident woman, and a woman is at her prettiest with a smile on her face. When you look good you feel good and people take notice.

It is not so much what we are given but what we do with it that counts.

I often hear the phase “oh but she would look good in a hessian bag”. I have even had it said to me on occasion. Well let me tell you, with my pure winter palette and petite hourglass figure I would look like a sickly Oompa Loompa in a hessian bag.

They say that Cleopatra was not classically beautiful, but with her arts and allurements she brought the leader of the most powerful nation in the world to his knees, within minutes of entering the room.

Do you think she could have done this in her gym gear with ratty hair, no makeup and a potty mouth? I think not.

Know yourself and study your arts and allurement. Who knows what you might be capable of.

By Jana Keane

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